Lyme disease is our spirit’s calling for ultimate full-life change. All of our bodily systems, energy chakra and emotional fabric are being asked to transform. You can no longer run on your old “grid.” That pattern was not as healthy and productive as you may be perceived it to be, even if aspects of your life felt rewarding or fulfilling.

I was a homeopath with a thriving practice in a quaint New England village. I sat on the national board and wrote the national exam. I was a wife, a mom, a great neighbor and caring friend. I thought I was doing everything right and Lyme took me down- way deep down- and asked me, forced me, to change. This illness is powerful and asks you to summon your own powers.

Our life steward- the wise guide- our connection to the divine reaches us no matter what our circumstances, no matter how fixed we are in our lifestyle or defense postures. When it is time to change, our life steward presents the opportunity- it is more deeply understood as personal transformation.

Personal transformation is a deep, soulful journey, akin to Persephone’s descent into the underworld and hell fires of personal demons and treacherous obstacles, even what some call imprisonment. But, ultimately, if we listen within, and we learn how to let go and with the ability to find faith, trust, balance and self-love, we can recalibrate, receive divine guidance, and grow in vastness and depth, we return to the land of light and the living refreshed and graced with creative outpourings and ultimately an open channel to the Divine.